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Moriarty airport is located in the Estancia Valley which  runs generally north and south with the Sandia and Manzano mountain ranges to the west.  The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southern terminus of the great Rocky Mountain chain, are to the north.

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The airport is southeast of the town of Moriarty. From I-40, take the Hwy 41 (Howard Cavasos Blvd.) exit and go south. Pass through 1 stoplight (at old Route 66) and turn east at the next stoplight. Drive straight east until the airport (and airport signs) are visible on the right. The ASC clubhouse/hangar is near the main runway and taxiway at the mid-length of the runway, it's a long gray hangar that runs parallel to the runway. Sundance Aviation is at the east end of the airport, nearest the runway.

Glider users are asked to abide by common rules regarding logistics of moving around the airport. More information can be found at this link

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