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Dining in and around Moriarty

None of these restaurants are so fancy that you couldn't walk right in wearing typical soaring attire and feel comfortable.

Moriarty (5 mins):

  • Buford Steakhouse - Nice sit-down place for the end of the day. New Mexican and Steak. Alcohol served.
  • The Village Grill - American grill food
  • That BBQ place on the south side of Rte 66 (forgot the name, but it's good)
  • Nachos, New Mexican
  • Subway
  • McDonalds
  • Lotaburger - New Mexican chain of hamburgers
  • The China Buffet
  • K.F.C.
  • Arbys
  • Taco Bell
  • El Comedor - Mexican

Edgewood (15 mins):

  • The Pizza Barn - Good little pizza place. Alcohol served.
  • Mountain View Cafe - That little cafe north of Edgewood....good food, can't remember the name?
  • McDonalds
  • Dairy Queen (at the truck stop)

Tijeras (20 mins):

Cedar Crest (30 mins):

  • Kokopelli’s – Nice sit-down place. Good New Mexican food. Alcohol served (strong margaritas, DO have a D.D. assigned! It's a curvy dark road back down the hill)
  • Ribs - Nice sit-down restaurant. BBQ/sandwiches. Good food. Alcohol served.

Albuquerque (40-50 mins)

  • Garduno’s at Winrock - Take the Lousiana exit north from I-40. Look for it on the east of Lousiana, near the mall there. It's the closest Garduno's to Moriarty. Garduno's is a favorite chain of New Mexican food for many people.
  • Restaurants at Uptown - north across the street form Garduno's at Winrock. Elephant Bar (Asian), Cucina Italiana. Pei Wei (fast Chinese) also nearby across the street to the west.
  • Great American Steakhouse - Indian School and Tramway. Better change into nice clothes and have a reservation for this place. VERY good steaks.
  • La Hacienda - New Mexican food. Alcohol served. Located on Central Ave (Old Route 66) between Tramway and Juan Tabo.
  • Olive Garden - Juan Tabo exit, just north of I-40.
  • Many many other restaurants are out there for you to try along the interstates in Albuquerque.
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